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2016 Holiday Collection Candles



Seasonal compositions of field, forest and fireside elements captured in redolent light... The Holiday Signature Line based on "created" fragrances which may or may not contain essential oils includes domestic glass with pure cotton and paper wicking and hand letterpressed box sealed with metallic print label . NON-GMO 100% pure vegetable / soy wax.  15 oz. - burn time 75 hours

Smoked Ash + Myrrh - Smoky kindling, ash, resinous myrrh.
Juniper + Arctic Moss - Fresh white pine, juniper and ice capped lichens.
Fir + Grapefruit - Balsam, cannan fir with grapefruit, tangerine and blood orange.
Vanilla + Cardamom - Boozy bourbon, vanilla, cassia, clove and cardamom.
Cassia + Cranberry - Crushed natural clove, cassia bark, citrus peel and tart cranberries.
Orange + Clove - Grated orange peel, red clove, oakmoss and balsam.


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