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It's Kismet!


You were meant to have this bomb!  An intoxicating blend of essential oils (including patchouli, orange, lavandin, pine, lemongrass, and elemi) is paired with our Pink Himalayan Salt that is hand-mined from ancient salt beds within the Himalayan Mountains. Protected from pollution and impurites since their formation 200 million years ago, Pink Himalayan salt is believed to be the purest form of salt available. This sea salt is known for it's stimulating and soothing properties.

7 oz.  


Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt, Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon Cablin), Orange Oil (Citrus Dulcis), Lavendin Oil (Lavendula Hybrida), Pine Oil (Pinus), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogan Flexuosus), Elemi Oil (Canarium Commune), and Gardenia Extract (Gardenia Jasminoides).

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